2013 Round up – Part 2 (August – September)

2013 Round up – Part 2 (August – September)

Hey Guys and welcome to part 2 of my 2013 round up of my life.

In August BBC Radio 4 found out I had a 0871 number and was using it to make money from cold callers and they asked me for a interview.

At first I said no, not at all, but after chatting with them on the phone we ended up doing the interview at 10.00am and by dinner time it was on the radio.

I still cringe when I listen to that interview, but the story got massive and I was asked to-do BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio 2, all the local stations. I ended up doing over 80 radio interviews in that one week.

I was also asked to-do BBCNews 24, I refused to do a TV interview more so on a national station as I’m a fat lad and knew I would get hate tweets etc from it. So I said no way.

After a lot of friendly persuasion in the end I agreed to do my local regional ITVNews programme as I knew that no where near as many people would see it.

They was so nice and comforting, they picked me up, look me for a haircut, then to Asda for a new shirt and we ended up at ITV Yorkshire around 4.00pm. They even got a man from the newspapers there too and he took some photos of me holding a phone, after this I went into the Green Room and waited.

The next thing I know the two ITV News presenters walked in. On seeing them I just froze and I made a stupid joke “Hey, I’m sure I’ve seen you somewhere before”. What a stupid joke to make, but it did kinda help break the ice.

Anyway I got all mic’ed up and we went into the studio where we filled my interview. I did make a mistake and slipped up, but they kept it in as they like to make sure the news interviews “look live”

The following day I was asked about doing BBCOne’s BBC Breakfast but they wanted me to take a train there and back, but I said no, and we left it as no. A few hours later they rang back and agreed to send a car for me and to take me home again too.

BBCOne’s BBC Breakfast was awful. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but JUST before I went on the bloke who I was with said “Don’t talk fast like normal” and that left me trying to work out how fast to talk. Watching it back now I sound like a right fool lol

That day I was also in 5 newspapers. It was very strange picking up a paper and seeing me in it.

Over the next few weeks I did loads more radio interviews. I was even offered to do an interview on BBC One’s The One Show. I turned it down as I didn’t want to get stuck at the BBC the 8.00pm at night.

I was also offered The Alan Tishmarsh Show on ITV. I jumped at the chance to do that one, mainly as I have loved Alan all my life, since Ground Force on the BBC. We used to watch that as a family.

The Alan Tishmarsh Show was all booked 3 weeks in advance. So I needed to keep my mouth shut for 3 weeks, this was hard as I was very excited, but I managed to keep it to myself.

On the day of the show I left Leeds at 5.50am and got into London for lunch time. I was 2 hours late for the ITV car, so I just jumped into a Taxi and was at the ITV studios for 1.00pm, where we did a quick rehearsals and then waited in the Green Room till 3.00pm. Just before the show went live I was taken into the audience and I was in part 3 of the show. It went very well, I was very happy with the show, all the people there were amazing and it was like a dream come true.

The following week I also did Fox News in the USA and a few radio stations in Australia, I enjoyed doing those as my family live down under too so they got to hear me on the radio.

Continue reading more about final part of my 2013 in part 3

Until then

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