2013 Round up – Part 1 (January to August)

2013 Round up – Part 1 (January to August)

Hey Guys,

Well here we are, the last day of 2013.

When I started the year I could never of planned how it would turn out.

12 Months ago I was not a money saver, I bought what I wanted, spent what I wanted. At the time I was working as a night manager at Sainsbury’s and still hadn’t got over my 2 year relationship breaking down.

I stopped working Full Time at Sainsbury’s in 2010-2011 once I set-up my own companies but I carried on covering holidays etc. untill the start of this year.

February of this year I needed to get my boiler checked., it had been on 24/7 the past winter and it wasn’t really working properly.

8th February 2013 is when a bloke came to check over the boiler, he said it major faults and failed the tests meaning I would need to replace it. He phoned his manager and I agreed a time when a rep from the company would come and price a new one up for me.

But I had a plan, I had always wanted to run a blog, just for my family and friends to read so I decided to live 12 months with no gas. That meant no hot water or heating for a full year.

I stated blogging daily on what I was up to and how I was living and yea, it was ok it was just a very basic blog and after a few weeks I really stated to get into it.

At first it was just about me living with no gas, but then I wanted to start getting my electric down too, and as I wasn’t really using loads of water I decided to get Water Meter installed.

After the meter was installed and I worked very hard to use as little as possible, to the stage that in March I only used 1 unit and was billed £17, this was broken down to £14 standing charge and £3 for the 1 unit.

With working out that I was being charged a lot for getting such a little, I told Yorkshire Water that I wanted to be cut off, and the response back was that they has no idea how to-do it. This was mainly due to the fact that I was the first person on 40 years to ask to be cut off. To cut a long story short and a lot of phone calls and emails it came down to the simple fact they had no idea how to actually physically cut someone off. So the only solution was that they turned my water off in the cellar and I stopped using it and we agreed that could come out every 2-3 weeks to check the meter reading, but since it wasn’t changing they accepted I was not using mains water any more.

Legally they should of still billed me for waste water, but yet again, the system had no idea what to-do, so instead they just froze my account and I spent £10-£14 a month on bottled water instead.

It carried on like this for the summer until August.

Continue reading more about my year in part 2

Until then

Next x

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