14th August 2013 – Weight Loss Wednesday

14th August 2013 – Weight Loss Wednesday

Hey Guys,

This week I have only lost 1lbs, while that does sound bad compared with losing 3-4lbs in a normal week it is better that putting it on and I am still happier that I managed that even if it was only a small amount.

I have 2 things to blame for this:

1) It was Yorkshire Day last week and I treat that day like  my Christmas, so I stuffed my face and really pigged out.

2) Yesterday I was sent some free chocolate’s with my Ocado food shop. They always send you little freebies to say thanks. Just wish it was healthy stuff  they sent hehe.

Sorry today’s blog is short, I’m just feeling little sick today and I blame the junk food, I am not pretty sure my body is not used to it anymore…..

Till next time,

Newt xx

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Junk food can be good for you in small amounts as a treat just dont over do it and pig out or you will end up feeling very ill.


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