13th August 2013 – Telecom Tuesday

13th August 2013 – Telecom Tuesday

Hey Guys and welcome once more to Telecom Tuesday,

As we all know by now my basic monthly bill with Plusnet is £19.99 including good old VAT. However I do pay for each and every call I make and this must STOP. My goal is to get my calls down to £0 so my monthly bill will be £19.99.

Lets take a look at what calls I have made this past 7 days:


As you can see I have made only 2 calls this last week. While it does sound good only 2 calls it has cost £0.71p and that is 71p too much. These calls are to an 0845 number for the Yorkshire Building Society who I have an account with.

As some of you know I hate hate hate calling 0845/0844/0871 etc numbers and would always try and find a freephone or the company on Twitter and get them to direct message me or get them to call me. But I can’t find the YBS on Twitter so this is why I needed to make these 2 calls.

I am disappointed  in myself at not having £0 calls this week., but it just makes me more determined  to make sure next week’s are £0.

Till tomorrow,

Newt x

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Dont waste money on calling companies either search online for a freephone number of use a local number if you have a bundled call plan that intitles you to not pay extra for local calls, or alternately go on to Twitter and ask the company to ring you (remember never give out your telephone number in a public tweet/post/status you dont want tons of sales calls from the outbacks of some random place) more and more companies are willing to ring you back to promote good customer service to attempt to gain and keep customers.

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