12th August 2013 – Meter Reading Monday

12th August 2013 – Meter Reading Monday

Hey Guys,

Meter Reading Monday once more.

As for the water and gas, that has not moved still and the £0 bills are carrying on.

As for Electric,

  • Rate 1 reading: 00127. Which means I have used 22 units this week costing £4.09 (excluding VAT).
  • Rate 2 reading: 00038. Which means I have used 6 units this week costing £0.42 (excluding VAT).

This means this week bill including VAT is £4.73.

I have used 4 more units of rate 1 this week that I a not happy about.Good news is rate 2 is still 6 units, and that has not changed for the last 3 weeks.

Next month I am planning something special…..

I am going to try and live using 0 units in the daytime and going to try and do everything I need to at night, when I have a cheap rate.

I will be turning my fridge and freezer off for the week too. I am current;y running it down now and should be fully empty in the next few weeks plus this also give me a good excuse to give ita a good deep clean. I will also be turning my internet off in the day time, as it is a bit pointless having it on while I am sleeping.  So in theory this means there will be nothing at all running in the daytime.

I do admit, this is hardcore, but I am interested to find out how my energy is after I have finished that week.

This might change, but my plan is to do this between  Monday 2nd September and Sunday 8th September.  Originally I did want to start on Monday 26th August but my dog is booked in for the groomers so I need to be awake for that.

Till tomorrow for Telecom Tuesday,

Newt xx

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