10th September – Telecom Tuesday

10th September – Telecom Tuesday

Hey Guys & Welcome to Telecom Tuesday,

First off. Sorry there has not been a Telecom blog for 3 weeks. It’s all been crazy with the media work I have been doing.

My phone calls have gone crazy and to be honest I am not happy with myself. As we all know I normally spend around £1-£2 a week on calls and I am are trying to work is down to £0 and have just the basic £19.99 line rental and broadband.


These last 3 weeks i have spent £41.36.


I am really peed off with myself for letting this happen and for taking my eye off the ball. But this week I will not be making any calls at all as this is not on at all.

Till tomorrow,

Newt x

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Note: Always keep a tab on how many calls you make and for how long so you wont be in shock when you see the bill a the end of you billing period.


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