5th August 2013 – Meter Reading Monday

5th August 2013 – Meter Reading Monday

Hey Guys,

Well here we are again. Meter Reading Monday.

Lets start with Water, good old H20:

I have stopped using mains water again. I just can’t bring myself to pay around £3 per unit. Plus all the extra fees water companies make you pay.

While Yorkshire Water is one of the cheapest, I still cant bring myself to pay it. So I am back on the bottled water again and have a water bill of £0.00 this week.

Next up Gas,

Not much to say about gas. Not used any since February and while I do miss having heat and hot water. I can live without it for the good of a £0.00 gas bill Smile

Lastly Electric.

  • Rate 1 reading: 00105. Which means I have used 18 units this week costing £3.34 (excluding VAT).
  • Rate 2 reading: 00032. Which means I have used 6 units this week costing £0.42 (excluding VAT).

This means this week bill including VAT is £3.95 .

While I am pleased with this being less than last weeks I am still not happy with it. I will be working even harder to get it down.

All this said I need to remember that the normal low user’s bill is around £1,200 a year…..and mine is currently around £210 a year, while this is an amazing saving this doesn’t mean I can just leave it and forget about it as I want all my bills as low as possible and they only way I can do this is by continuing work work at it and monitor what I spend.

Till tomorrow,

Newt x

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