30th July 2013 – Telecom Tuesday

30th July 2013 – Telecom Tuesday

Hey Guys,

As this is the first Telecom Tuesday I have decided to tell you guys what I have now and what my plan is regarding my home phone and internet.

First up, what I have now….

  • I currently pay £19.99 a month to Plusnet for unlimited internet and line rental. But I do have to pay extra for phone calls i make.

What my plan is…

First up phone calls.

The line rental itself works out at £14.50 a month and on a good month I would spend around £5 on calls, but on a bad month it could be as much as £25. This MUST stop. So my goal with phone calls is to try and get it to 0 calls per week. I will still call 0800, 0808 and other freephone numbers. But chargeable calls need to be £0 and I will update you on this each week on Telecom Tuesday’s.

Next up the net:

I pay £5.49 per month for my unlimited internet. This is a offer for 9 months and then it goes up to £9.99 a month.  But my long term plan is to move down to the basic 10GB one for £5.99 a month

I know what you must be thinking, I am always streaming and I always would go over the 10GB limit and you would be right, below you can see is what I have used this month from 12th July 2013 to 11th August 2013.

You will also note from the image that there seems to be a small fault with the detailed daily usage guide currently, hopefully this will be fixed soon so I can keep track of the data I am using on a day to day basis, and from that I can work out what uses excessive amounts of data so I only do those tasks outside of the data limit time.




The good news is according to their current terms and conditions you only get a download limit during the day so that between midnight and 8am it is fully unlimited, which for me is great as that is when I will be up doing most of my work and stuff alongside my cheaper electricity rate, helping me to get that bill down as well.

Tip Time

With Plusnet and many other providers if you pay for your line rental a whole year upfront you can get some massive savings on your bill. While Plusnet promote their line rental saver package you will need to ask other providers as not all are as forthcoming with giving out savings.

For example with Plusnet if you pay for 12 months line rental in advance for £131.88 this works out at the equivalent to a monthly price of £10.99 instead of the normal £14.50, giving you a saving of over £42 a year.

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